Our main differences:

1. We digitise 99% of our work-faster work. This equates to more savings $

2. We cut down all wastages - you save $

3. We make it easier for buyers and sellers. Time saved, money save.

4, We use recycled papers and we use SMS, email and phone call instead of the traditional office visits. Efficient, easy and time saved.

5. You are in control



AAA Johnson and Lu is a licensed Australian conveyancing firm that specialises in conveyancing solutions for both property buyers and sellers. We have more than 15 years experience in conveyancing properties under our belt, and helped various clients with their property legal work. As of now, we’re primarily focused in providing our conveyancing services in the New South Wales area.


We Do The Legal Work for You

Understanding and processing the legal procedures of property transfer can be a daunting task for both property buyers and sellers, especially with all the confusing jargon and processes. We at  AAA Johnson and Lu, can administer all the legal proceedings as well as provide legal advices for your property transfer.


Below are the conveyancing services we can provide on:

*Home    *Commercials
*Vacant Lands*Warehouse
*Transfer of Properties  *Factory
*Leases    *Lease Renewal
*Business    *Others



Additional Services

*Review your Contract  *Title Search
*Draft your Contract    *In House Stamping
*Pest Report  *Stamp Duty Calculation
*Building Report*Stamp Duty Concession Grant
*Strata Report  *First Home Buyer Grant
*Section 109  *Plan of Land
*Section 149    *Sewerage Service Diagram
*Section 603    *Section 47



A Conveyancing Firm that You Can Trust

We pride ourselves as a dependable, trustworthy and professional conveyancing firm which is why we provided a list of our licenses and recognitions below:


*15 years experience in property conveyance
*AAA Johnson and Lu is licensed under the Conveyancers Licensing Act 1995

*Listed as Justice of the Peace in New South Wales under the postcode of 2166

*Certified Practising Conveyancer


Money Back Guarantee

In the event of a financial loss to our clients due to our negligence, we will refund the fee we charged with double the amount.



Attempting to conduct conveyancing without any license can cause serious legal repercussions. Please ask assistance from your chosen licensed law firm for inquiries and legal proceedings. This website is intended for our paying clients only.



Information in this site is for general guidance only, Johnson and Lu takes no responsibility for any untoward incident caused by taking/using these information and as much as we want the content of this site to be accurate and current, we give no guarantee.