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About AAA Johnson and Lu Conveyancer

We are one of the most respected property conveyancers in

the Western Suburbs. 


We have done countless legal title transfer in these suburbs: Liverpool, Fairfield, Bossley park and Cabramatta. Infact, we have done property conveyancing in every suburbs within the 10 K M radius of Cabramatta.


Our clients often would have come from places like Campbelltown to the South, Penrith to the West, Parramatta to the north and Bankstown to the East.


We are grounded in hard work, integrity and trust in all we do.



Our Core Values


Knowledge, Care & Quality



AAA Johnson and Lu Pty Ltd is built upon time-tested values of reliability and ethics.


We always keep up-to-date with the latest industry knowledge; we care for customers and it shows in the quality of our work.


Our work is by far the fairest and the most value for money in the Sydney region.


We estimate that over 91% of our customers are repeat customers or have referred their families and friends to us.





People are full of feelings. We cooperate with all parties. Buyers, sellers, salesmen, your bank, other conveyancers/solicitors, pest inspector and building inspector. We work out solutions and not get our egos in the way of a smooth transaction.





We must give good service at a fair and cheap price. We take pride in the details. Making sure the checklist is done and that nothing is missed. Make sure that clients never lose money.






People need changes over time. We must constantly anticipate clients' changing needs. Not all customers are the same.






We must have ethics in our dealings. Nobody will want to play with you if they don't have trust in you.


History of Conveyancing in Australia

             It all started in South Australia. In 1841 the first office to record and store all the titles was established in Adelaide. Conveyancers also started in South Australia and now the majority of the conveyancing work are undertaken by specialist conveyancers there. In NSW, specialist conveyancers started since the 1790s. It then was abolished in 1967. However in 1989 a group of about 20 people held a meeting at the Epping RSL Club and the conveyancing profession was revived. In 1993 about 35 conveyancing licenses were issued. By 2015 there are no less than 1,036 licenses were issued. You can now find licensed conveyancers everywhere in NSW. Most real estate agents prefers licensed conveyancers.





Stephen Sun Huat Lu is a Member of Australian Institute of Conveyancer.

A 'Certified Practicing Conveyancer' in NSW Division [] and listed as Justice of the Peace in New South Wales under the postcode of 2166 [].


Stephen starts practicing and gains more than 10 years of experience which been appreciated by AICNSW. Later on, commenced own legal business to extend giving quality service.


The firm is licensed under the Conveyancers Licensing Act 1995 and conveys professional assurance. All our conveyancers are certified practicing property conveyancers and are members of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers.


Stephen and his team are truly committed to conveyancing and insuring a 100% professional helpful service. We understand how important your sale and purchase that's why our personnel are committed to give you consistent smooth conveyancing from start to the end.


At AAA Johnson and Lu



Johnson and Lu Services

Are you looking for a property conveyancing service in New South Wales? Do you need knowledge and experience for conveyancing solutions? Are you buying or selling property and need New South Wales conveyancers for your legalities and forthcoming legal works? Then AAA Johnson and Lu property conveyancing services can help you.


From first home buyers to any property buying and selling, we will be able to help you with our Conveyancing directly to your home and offer conveyancing solutions to help you at a cheap price but quality work and will go cheaper depending on your Suburbs location.


AAA Johnson and Lu is licensed Conveyancing firm of New South Wales and we are committed in providing you a quality conveyancing services. With AAA Johnson and Lu you can assure you are in good hands.


Ensure your purchase in choosing well with our trained and knowledgeable conveyancer. We are striving hard to do our best to attend to your conveyancing needs.


Our Conveyancers are taking this matter truly with integrity. We will give you guaranteed satisfaction.


So... if you're considering excellence, prompt and less stress conveyancing, don't hesitate to call our friendly staff today to arrange a meeting. AAA Johnson and Lu will be your partner in your dream conveyancing process. We will not promise anything to you but instead we will do our best to satisfy you. We value you!


The Founder's Background




Stephen's educational background:




A Thai Primary School for 1 year (I cannot remember the name of the school, but had fond memories)

Cabramatta East Primary

Cabramatta High

The Scots College, Bellevue Hill, Sydney (on Scholarship)

Australian National University (Studied combined  B. Commerce and B. Economics). Graduated with a B. Comm and got a job as an accountant & tax consultant and never finished the B. Ec (had 1 subject left because I dropped it as it was so stressful)

Sydney University Law School:-dropped out of law school as was too busy with work and switched to the night class for the Adv Dip Conveyancing Law at Sydney Institute of Technology, Ultimo. 




Vietnamese: Understand but don't speak

Cantonese: Understand but don't practice

Thai: Just don't use swear words because I know what you are talking about. 

Lao: I know some 

Chaozhou (Teochew): Workable

Hokkien: Don't talk behind my back, I know everything you say

Mandarin: I can get by

Cambodian: Good for everyday conversation

English: No problems





  • Tasting different cuisines: Thai, Malaysian, Indian, Ramen Noodle, Vietnamese Pho, Lao, Cambodian, Northen Chinese, Cantonese, Chaozhou, Lebanese Kabah and Mexican pizza
  • Exotic food I have savoured: Giant (slippery) eels (I caught it with my cousins and uncle Kim Leang from Parramatta River), Kangaroo, snake, gecko congee (I ate it  with a group of  custom officers at Chau Doc, Vietnam), deer meat (in Langfang, Hebei, China),  crocodile & grilled rats (taste better than chicken). I also eat sharks and sea snails (abalone)
  • Coffee Connoisseur
  • Travelling around Australia & Asia
  • Reading
  • Playing golf
  • Fishing
  • Snorkling


People that has inspired and influenced me: My father (best father in the world), Uncle Kim Leang (strict, the smartest & practical) and his wife Kim Lee (she is amazing, resourceful and best cook in the world), Uncle David (intelligent, patient and philanthropist) and cousin Sue Thai (got all her 4 kids into top selective schools (Sydney Boys and Kambala) for scholaships. She is a super mother)




I ran 11.02 seconds in 100 metres sprint. I got gold


 "Chinese by heritage, Australian by Choice and the World by love"



Useful Links

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Australian Institute of Conveyancer NSW
Australian Securities & Investments Commission
Australian Taxation Office
Australasian Legal Information Institute
Certified Practising Accountants
Department of Attorney General and Justice Lawlink
Industrial Relations (NSW)
Office of State Revenue (NSW)


Other Link

"Once Upon a Time in Cabramatta"



  Fake Documents and Fraud


           Please do not  bother to ask us to do any fake documents.

           Do not provide any fake documents to us.

           If you do, we will terminate our service and we will not refund your money.


           “To see and listen to the wicked is already the beginning of wickedness”