Low Cost conveyancing is our primary aim.


Bargain conveyancing cost would be a better term. It is not just low cost. Any firm can beat us by 1 dollar. We are not out there to do that. What we mean by low cost is that we aim to give you the lowest price we can so you get value for your money.


Conveyancing involves time. The main factor of that drives up cost is time.


For us to save time and cost for you, we need to work in partnership with you.


Conveyancing is a 2 way street.


Example: How can we make the cost low?


We need good communication. That means we contact you and you contact us. However, sometimes it is impossible to contact you because you don't turn on your mobile phone.


When we ask you to do something like go and buy building insurance, we ask you to do it promptly or in a reasonable time. Sometimes we have to remind you several times and this will eat into the cost.


Sometimes, clients ask so many questions (because the price is fixed). Please be fair on us as we also try to make a small profit so we can make a living.


We do not do things necessarily to drive up cost. We do not charge by every 2 minutes increment.


We have a lot of conveyancing resources and the FAQ on this website.  Please try to read it first, as this will give you knowledge and perhaps you might not even need to call us because your curiosities have been answered.


If we cooperate, we both save time and money. We all win.


We don't claim to be the best, top and cheapest conveyancer around. But what we aim is to give the best service we can for the lowest possible price.


Talk to us about cost and we can work out something that is fair and reasonable.