I have been writing home loan since 2002.


It won't cost you a cent to use my service.



 How does it work? 



Banks will pay me to organise the loan on your behalf.



 Why would banks do that? 



Simple. Banks need to distribute their loans. They need customers like you.



 How many banks do you have? 



I have nearly all the banks in NSW and Australia. Example of banks that I have: CBA, St George Bank, AMP Bank and so many more.



 Why do I use you and why not go to the bank direct? 


If you go to the bank, you canot compare with other banks. I can compare most of the rate and features in about 5 minutes. You can get to select the cheapest rate from the many banks



 What do you specialise in? 



I specialise in residential loan & refinance of residential loan.



 Why should I refinance? 



Most people refinance to get a cheaper rate so that you can save money.



 The Main Advantage for you are: 


  • You save time (one phone call and I can give you an answers and suggestions)
  • Take your stress away
  • You can make informed decisions
  • You can pick the best mortgage that suits you.
  • If I don't shop around, how much can I lose?
  • You can lose a lot. $50,000 over more over 30 years is possible.



Here is my number 0412 567 886.


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Steve Lu


Accounting, conveyancing and home loan expert