For Selling


When selling, if you follow this method I guarantee you that you will have a 99.99% safe & smooth transaction.


1. Fill out our questionaire.

2. Turn on your mobile phone at all times for easy communication (phone is off, that is bad).

3. Clear out all rubbish at least 2 weeks before settlement (A buyer will cancel settlement at the last minute if there is alot of rubbish). Avoid heated and unnecesary arguments.

4. If it has been raining heavily, mow the lawn at least 1 week before settlement. (Buyers will cancel settlement at the last minute if the grass is too long). This is just the way it is done for the last 40 years.

5. Do keep on paying all your bills as normal. It will be adjusted at settlemet (there will be no overpayment because of the adjustment). However, do not pay any bills 5 to 7 days before settlement as this will create double payment.


That is all folks!


Warning: Driving a car is dangerous if you are not qualified. Conveyancing is dangerous if you are not trained. Never attempt to do it on your own.


When buying there is a lot of things to be careful about.


1. The hardest is to know if your loan is 100% approved. It is damn hard because your letter of approval has conditions attached to it and if any of the conditions are not met, the bank will reject you.


So make sure your loan is infact 100% approved. 


READ THIS 10 Times: If your loan is rejected after the cooling off period, it means you will lose 10% of the purchase price. You can go to court, but you will not win.



2. Make sure the inclusions are working. Inclusions are things like stove, blinds and the aircon. Even the toilet might not be working. You better make a thorough check.


Best thing to do is document it with a camera; and make sure to turn on the dates on the camera.


3. Make sure that you put in the 10% deposit on time. That is, it must be within the cooling off period. If you fail, even by 1 minute, the purhaser may have the right to terminate and sue you. To avoid problems, just do it right the first time.


4. If you see alot of rubbish on the premise or under the house at the time of signing the contract, chances are it will not be removed before settlement.


The best solution is you call the agent 1 week after the cooling off period and request the agent to contact the vendor to remove the rubbish.


These are only some of the things. If you want to know more, contact us.